Tuto: Configure your iptv subscription on the IPTV Smarters Pro application

App iptv Smarters Pro or Player is one of the best iptv applications, this article explains how to install and configure iPTV Smarters Pro, and how to configure the codes for your iptv android box subscription on iptv smarters you will find more details about the iptv smarters pro application (or player for Samsung and LG smart tvs) below:

How to install and configure iPTV subscription on iPTV Smarters Pro and Player?

  1. Go to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), or to the US Store of your Samsung or LG smart TV.
  2. Start the search by typing iptv smarters pro (or iptv smarters player for smart TVs), you will be on the installation screen for the iptv Smarters pro application, click on install.
  3. At the end of its installation, launch the iptv smarters application by clicking on Open.
  4. Wait for the iPTV smarters application to open.
  5. Click on + or Add user to configure iptv smarters pro or player.
  6. Choose between Playlist (m3u link) or API Xtream-codes.
  7. Enter the m3u link of your iptv subscription if you have chosen Playlist.
  8. Enter the identifiers of your iptv smarters pro subscription if you have chosen the Xtream-code API: Name, User, Password and Server URL.
  9. List of features of ipTV Smarters / Pro:
      • Easy to use and intuitive design
      • Organization of the playlist by channels and vods, replay of channels, EPG timeline ..
      • Search for channels and vods.
      • Contains 2 built-in players and possibility to use VLC and MX Player as external player.
      • EPG (TV guide) and automatic logos for TV channels
      • Information on Vods: Synopsis, Posters of films and series, notes ..
      • List of favorites
      • Your subscription information: Subscription status, expiration date ..etc
      • Works with or without m3u (Thanks to the Xtream-Codes API)
      iPTV Smarters Player is available for Samsung and LG Smart TVs (On the US store).
  10. ipTV Smarters and iptv smarters Pro are available on:

    • Google Play Store and compatible with: Android Box, Smartphones, tablets, Android TV ..

    You can download the app iptv smarters pro for android here: iptv smarters pro

    You can download the app iptv smarters pro for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV here: iptv smarters pro

  • App Store for iOS (iPhone, iPad..)
  • To avoid typing your entire m3u link, we suggest you choose the Xtream-codes API option, this application also works with the Xtream-codes API, with username, password and a server URL.

    If you don't already have a subscription with us, place your order here.

  • How to use the m3u link to configure iptv smarters pro and palyer?

    If you already have a m3u link, no worries, it is possible to pull this info from your link as follows:

    The Username ,Password and the URL of server are included in your m3u link provided when ordering,

    Example of m3u link:

    http://mymediatvnet:get.php?username=abcdef567&password=abCD123 &type=m3u&output=ts

    In the case of m3u link above, the server connection details are as follows:

    Username: abcdef567

    Password: abCD123

    Server URL: http://mymediatv.net